A solid wood desk is an ideal piece of furniture for the business executive, the creative professional, a clergyman or educator, or even a homeschooling mother. Both versatile and creative, available in any style, a solid wood desk provides a haven of organization and home base for the business of the company or household. Finding the ideal solid wood desk is essential. The buyer must ask several questions. What practical uses will there be for this desk? Are there any decorative concerns? What are the budgetary needs at this time? How long will the desk be needed? These questions and more will help with the purchase of a quality desk. For example, a kindergarten teacher at a private school may be more concerned about economy than beauty while the CEO of a major corporation wants to ensure that the desk chosen reflects a certain amount of authority and strength of character. Creative individuals, especially those who work on the computer for a good part of the day, often search for ergonomic solid wood desks while the college student in her first efficiency may need something that will help her burn away the midnight oil as she studies for finals. 

Deciding on the style of the desk relates directly to its use. Small child-friendly wood desks accommodate a classroom or teaching setting more readily than the a solid mahogany pedestal desk in an executive office. An independent musician will most likely find some type of credenza desk or other ergonomic type of solid wood desk because of the large number of music instruments and peripherals required for the home music studio. The often L-shaped credenza desk, which combines a practical bookshelf with a work station easily accessed through a swivel of the computer chair, works well for those that find that they need to store resources and media but still need a clear space to work. The computer desk is quite common today, found in almost any home office, college dorm, or office cubicle. Simplicity of style and efficiency of space are often the prime considerations when purchasing a wood desk for these situations. In the same way, a parent who uses the desk as a center for scrapbooking or arts and crafts may prefer a less austere desk, and opt for a style that is rounded and child-friendly with ample storage space. 

Many antique stores boast of older wood desk styles like the Davenport desk or the European Bonheur du Jour. These desks may be less practical today since the modern computer does not fit easily in their smaller compartments. On the other hand, they make an excellent addition to the home decor, providing a touch of unique antiquity in style. Finding antique wood desks can be an exhilarating hunt through estate sales, thrift stores, and online furniture ads. With a little bit of refurbishing, a touch of paint, and the right home decor, these older pieces can freshen up a dull decor. While economical plastic and metal computer desks may seem the norm in big box department stores, the reality is that a solid wood desk often outlasts its fabricated twin because it has a solid base, good engineering, and strong construction. Earlier furniture pieces like solid wood desks were meant to last for decades, passed down as sacred heirlooms. Sometimes finding a beautiful desk is as simple as asking a friend, neighbor, or family member. With so many consumers today opting for more efficient and economical living spaces, many antique wood desks can be found discarded and abandoned. 

Oak, walnut, cherry, or pine, finding the right solid wood desk for the home or office depends on many factors. Price is often a primary factor when determining large furniture purchases. Many of the less expensive wood desks are made of pine, while the cheapest and less durable furniture is not solid wood at all but what is called pressed wood, a type of board consisting of wood fibers. This is also called particle board. Unlike solid wood furniture, desks that are made of particle board easily breaks because it is weak and susceptible to moisture. The stronger hardwoods like oak or maple often last for decades, sometimes a century, depending on amount of care put into the piece. Because of sustainability concerns, certain types of wood desks, such as those made of mahogany, cost more and are rarer today because of deforestation. Affordable hardwood solid wood desks can be found at the local furniture showcase and estate sales.